Cornell University Residence Halls

Cornell University's main campus in upstate New York, covers nearly 745 acres with more than 260 major buildings. Its student population of just over 20,000 nearly doubles the population of its host city, Ithaca during the Fall and Spring semesters.

The University completed a four phase construction plan for the campus that include five new residence halls that have approximately 1,600 beds. All five dormitories are total precast structures. It utilizes Hollowcore floors and precast solid walls. Dormitory style housing will not be typical, the university has taken a different approach, one that includes single rooms and suites plus a large space to accommodate all the residents at a "house meal" served once a month.

Precast allowed the University to save time on the schedule and therefore money on construction costs. The Bethe House, a 182,500 square foot, four story structure in phase three of the plan, combines precast wall panels and precast plank. Brick is then applied to the wall panels as a finish to blend with the Gothic architecture and historic nature of the campus.

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